SPC300 is a competitive Traffic Controller with high performance and reliability realized for controlling Pedestrian Crossing acting also as a deterrent against vehicles over speed. For this special reason, the controller can manage besides the normal pedestrian pushbutton signal, also two special inputs dedicated to Radar device capable of detecting over speed vehicles. ?The controller can perform the following stages: Normal Condition; Overspeed on side L1; Overspeed on side L2; Pedestrian call or Overspeed on both sides. ?The controller’s configuration is realized through a PC using a standard terminal emulator software such as Windows Hyperterminal. Using this software the timing of each stage of the controller can be programmed or read into the controller memory. The cabinet is realized in Fiberglass reinforced Polyester material (590X320X850 mm). MAXIMUM CAPACITY The SPC300 traffic light controller is structured to manage a maximum of: 3 Traffic light groups (9 Triac power outputs) of which: 2 groups of 3 triacs for controlling vehicular traffic lights 1 group that may consist of two or three triacs for controlling pedestrian lights 8 optoisolated inputs for digital signals acquisition TECHNICAL FEATURES Supply voltage: 230V -20% + 15% Consumption (excluding lamps): 10 VA Max. power installable: 3200 W Max. power installable on each output: 800 W Output protection: 4A EF type fuses Operating temperature: –20 ° C + 60 ° C