TM60 is a radar sensor that operates at very high frequencies and represents an excellent alternative to magnetic loops due to its affordability and ease of installation. The TM 60 can be used to set and / or extend the green phase in the traffic light regulation. The sensor closes a contact when it detects a vehicle passing at a speed higher than the threshold value set by the user. This speed threshold can be set between 1 and 16 Km / h. GENERAL FEATURES • IP65 water and heat resistant aluminum housing • Insensitive to light, color, moisture or dust • Detection of a single traffic lane • Reaction time less than 50 ms • No maintenance • Detection range up to 60 m • Robust vandal-proof construction • Protected against overvoltages • Lightweight, easy to install • Conforms to EMC standards • CE compliant • Self-Test • Economic • Reliable GENERAL FEATURES • Power supply: 220V AC +/- 10% -50Hz. • Consumption: 4VA. • Output: inverted relay contact; • Resistive load: 110VAC 0.3A – 24VDC 0.3A; • Inductive load: 110VAC 0.2A – 24VDC 0.3A; led visible on the Relay front. • Hold time: 1 sec. • Temperature range: -40 ° C + 75 ° C • Dimensions: L70xH100xW200mm • Weight: 825g