MT 4040 Traffic Controller

MT4040 traffic controller is based on a distributed intelligence, composed by a central industrial type 386 microprocessor and by a series of peripheral microprocessors dedicated to the I / O management and control. This type of structure allows to realize a traffic controller directed to be a General Purpose peripheral unit, able to manage not only the signal plant itself but to be, once endowed with the proper transmission way (GSM cellular phone or Telephone line), a bi-directional collector of a series of information necessary to the city area managers, providing data concerning private and public traffic and environmental data such as atmospheric pollution. In this way, the controller becomes sentinel of the area where it is installed, sending automatically requests for servicing interventions for fixing plant anomalies or for simply replacing a burnt lamp, or for sending alarm messages in the function of particular environmental or emergency conditions. The basic configuration of the controller, equipped with four RS232 serial ports, two 485 serial ports, a TTL and a parallel port, enables it to be easily interfaceable with other equipment; moreover, the characteristics of General Purpose unit are furtherly highlighted by the fact that the CPU of the controller is predisposed for mounting standard peripheral modules of the family PC 104 and PCMCIA, allowing, therefore, the conversion of the controller into a powerful and flexible industrial PC. OPERATING FEATURES The MT4040 traffic controller has been designed to act, in any type of application, either integrated in a centralized and in an independent system, as a traffic control unit able to make autonomous decisions, to be an information collector and to allow anyway the control, the monitoring and transmission of the information to the devoted corporate body. For this purpose the regulator carries out the following main functions: Management of the traffic light system, or of a network of systems, using a customizable control algorithm, which generates green times in real time according to the traffic trend. Monitoring of all the lamps of the connected traffic lights to verify their correct functionality and to signal the burning of a single lamp. Volumetric traffic data collection and classified by traditional loops sensors and infrared and microwave technology type sensors. Archiving of: Traffic and environmental data. Alarm and operating conditions. Mains voltage values ??in the ten minutes preceding an alarm condition. Ambient temperature values ??in the ten minutes preceding an alarm condition. Automatic sending of messages to pre-established remote stations, via GSM cellular network or switched telephone line, in presence of anomalous conditions or upon request, of the data contained in the archives. Synchronization of the annual calendar clock via GPS satellite interface, guaranteeing the high precision necessary for the realization of synchronized systems without electrical interconnections. MAXIMUM CAPACITY 40 groups (120 power outputs) 16 digital relay outputs 10 loop detector 72 digital inputs 16 semaphoric programs selectable remotely or by time table with a weekly and annual calendar.